Bridgy — Payment operations platform

  • Solution — Checkout
  1. Choose bridgy
  2. Pick suitable option from offers our partners

The checkout solution with easy access to offers from different banks and fintechs

  • Solution — Digital Onboarding

Secure and Seamless process that delivers unified customer journey for all of our partners, resulting in faster service delivery and speedier lock-in, no need for developing their own onboarding process for partner banks and fintech

  • Solution Diagram
  1. bridgy provide solution for offline stores and third-party e-commerce services like marketplaces and online retailers.
  2. bridgy delivers diversified financing options to the shoppers.
  3. bridgy seeks money from tiered partners (a waterfall of banks, MFO). Depending on the customers’ credit status, the order might get declined by the banks (Primary Level), but get approved by FinTech firms (Secondary Level).

Value proposition for banks

  • Unified new client onboarding process
  • Risk adjusted loan products — 24M, 36M, 48M
  • New customer segments (higher tenure)
  • New client acquisition (clients of other banks)
  • Lower new customer acquisition cost
  • Higher check/transaction amount
  • Additional revenue for banks
  • Source of financing
  • Credit risk owner

Value proposition for customers

  • Lower monthly payment (higher tenure)
  • Easy onboarding process to a new bank
  • Access to other bank’s offers
  • Milti-lender scrolling — higher

    chance to approval

Value proposition for merchants

  • Milti-lender scrolling — higher cumulative sales
  • Lower customer acquisition cost
  • Higher check/transaction amount